We are a young, English speaking, multicultural and inclusive team

Please read below if interested in joining the lab

Postdoctoral Positions

We are seeking independent and highly creative postdoctoral fellows interested in neural circuit development and/or function and behavior.

We have several projects in the pipeline, based on exciting preliminary data. We are looking for experienced researchers to develop these efforts, while also pursuing their own original and independent research project in line with the broad interests of the lab.

Interested applicants should contact Filipe and include a CV, a personal statement, and the contact information for 3 referees.

Master's/Graduate Students

Students interested in joining the lab should contact Filipe. Please include a personal statement, CV, and the contact information for 2 referees.

Undergraduate Students

Feel free to get in touch with Filipe by email describing your research interests, and a plan of what you would like to achieve during your time in the lab.

Work Environment

The CBI is a multidisciplinary institute comprising 40 research teams, including a community of 9 fly labs. The lab is at the crossroads between the Stem Cells and Development Biology, and Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Programs.

The lab is housed in a brand new building and benefits from CBI core facilities, including a Light Imaging Facility with state-of-the-art equipment (including 16 image acquisition workstations such as two-photon in vivo imaging microscopy, spinning disk/confocal scanning, optical tweezers and super resolution setups), behaviour rigs, and a dedicated fly rearing facility.

Living Environment

Did we say that the beautiful city of Toulouse is nicely located in the South-West of France? Right by the Pyrenees, it is within an hour and a half to several ski resorts and the beaches on the Mediterranean Coast. It is the fourth-largest city in France, housing three top-ranked universities with the second largest student population in the country. Students consistently rank Toulouse among the best French cities to live and study.