Lab Members

Filipe Pinto Teixeira, PhD

Principal Investigatoremail: filipe.pinto-teixeira(at)

Filipe is interested in sensory neuroscience, in particular how neural circuits develop, and how they compute sensory information to support behavior. Overarching these research topics is his fundamental interest in understanding how neural circuits are modified through evolution to generate novel behaviors.

Filipe did his graduate studies with Hernán López-Schier at the CRG, and a postdoc with Claude Desplan at NYU.

Outside the lab he dreams of becoming a decent piano player.

Lula, the cat

Feline grant writting assistant

Lula is interested in the escape response to visual looming stimuli in Musca domestica and other household insects. She is passionate about naps, tinned fish and potato chips. She provides support during grant and manuscript writing.

Lula works from home.