Lab Members

Filipe Pinto Teixeira, PhD

Principal Investigatoremail: filipe.pinto-teixeira(at)

Filipe is interested in sensory neuroscience, in particular how neural circuits develop, and how they compute sensory information to support behavior. Overarching these research topics is his fundamental interest in understanding how neural circuits are modified through evolution to generate novel behaviors.

Filipe did his graduate studies with Hernán López-Schier at the CRG in Barcelona, and a postdoc with Claude Desplan at NYU in NYC and Abu Dhabi.

Outside the lab he dreams of becoming a decent piano player.

Vicente de Sousa Xavier

PhD student

Vicente’s interests are at the crossroads between computational and developmental neuroscience. He is currently focused on how neuronal morphology and connectivity are established during development to support neural circuit function. In the long run, he seeks to understand how neural circuits underlie complex behaviors and adapt to changing environments over a lifetime.

Vicente did his undergrad training in Rita Teodoro’s lab at CEDOC in Lisbon, Portugal.

When he is not in the lab, he enjoys playing tennis, the guitar, and chess.

Maha Tabet

PhD student

Maha is interested in neuroscience and developmental biology. She is focusing on how retinotopic maps are built during development. She aspires to have a better understanding on circuit formation in order to understand the origins of neurodevelopmental diseases. She has previously worked at the American University of Beirut in Beirut, Lebanon on projects that focused on finding potential treatments for traumatic brain injury.

Outside the lab, Maha enjoys writing poetry, drawing, and reading.

Yannick Carrier

Assistant engineer/Lab manager

More soon....

Laura Quintana Rio

Study engineer/Researcher

More soon....

Lula, the cat

Feline grant writting assistant

Lula is interested in the escape response to visual looming stimuli in Musca domestica and other household insects. She is passionate about naps, tinned fish and potato chips. She provides support during grant and manuscript writing.

Lula works from home.

Former Lab members

Lisa Orts, undergrad rotation student.